About us

Our primary aims are to increase the resilience, and self confidence of young people, and to raise their aspirations. We also aim to reduce the level of crime, amongst young people, resulting in a reduction in the number of young people becoming victims or perpetrators of crimes.

We regularly work with young people who are facing some of life’s biggest adversities, at such a tender age. Being firm believers in the old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’, we also work with larger groups, in order to reduce the likelihood of those adversities occurring in the first place.

The point of difference of our not for profit organisation is that we deliver from lived-life experience, our own project lead having gone from an almost life-ending adversity, to completely rebuild a more positive life for himself, and those around him, despite being left with lifelong disabilities. 

To discuss how we can best benefit the young people of your organisation, please get in touch.